The North Woods

Our first week  on the trip and we’ve been having some fun in the North Woods of Wisconsin and Minnesota.  The first stop was in the quaint town of Black River Falls, Wisconsin.  We camped at the Castle Mounds Campground, just a short drive off the interstate.  A nice little wooded spot to relax after a day of activities and really close to all the amenities of town.  We recommend stopping into Sand Creek Brewery to take a tour and taste some great local craft beers.  Also watch out for the Elk!  They are currently reintroducing them to the area here and although a sighting is rare if you take a scenic drive (or two hour accidental detour like we did) through Black River State Forest you might catch a glimpse!

Next stop Minnesota!  We made camp at Leech Lake Rec Area.  A nice little campground with great showers and very friendly staff but….you can’t see the lake.  After doing some exploring we would have rather set up camp on Cass Lake or Pike Bay. But a nice clean campsite all the same. After an accidental, buy fun, off-roading experience through the woods (are you noticing a theme to our travels?) we rode our bikes on the 18 mile Mi Gi Zi bike trail that  loops through the small town of Cass Lake, into serene woods, and past the sparkling waters of Cass Lake and Pike Bay.  The ride started and ended at Normandy Beach Recreation area and we couldn’t resist a dip in the crystal clear waters of Cass Lake at the end supplemented by a few cold ones from the cooler.  We wrapped up the perfect day with a campfire.  Stay tuned for more adventures as we head to west to our next destination!

3 thoughts on “The North Woods

  1. Sounds like you are enjoying the start of your trip. Just be happy and safe. I always loved watching the campfire. Do you roast marsh mellows? Love you


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