Utah with a side of Indy

After two months on the road together Ryan and I were ready to separate for a bit, so I made arrangements to head back to the Midwest for my good friend Kaci’s bachelorette party, and Ryan set up shop in Wasatch Mountain State Park.  The park is situated at the bottom of the Wasatch Mountain Range in the Heber Valley.  We had one day together in Wasatch before I headed to Salt Lake City to grab a flight to Peoria, so we decided to check out the WOW (Wasatch over Wasatch)mountain biking trail.  We picked up the trail head right from our campground and all I can say is WOW is right!  The difficulty level was perfect for a beginner but still challenging with lots of climbing.  The higher we climbed the better the views, and sailing back down was a blast.  One thing I’ve learned on this trip is the view is always worth the climb!

After a day of mountain biking we decided to take a scenic drive up Pine Canyon Mountain Pass to check out Park City, Utah where they were gearing up for ski season.  As we climbed higher up the twisty mountain pass snowflakes started to fall, then they started to pile up…quickly.  We reached a good turnaround point and decided to head back down since the white powder was still falling steadily and slickly. After a scary moment passing another car from the opposite direction we headed back down the mountain, stopping to snap some pictures of the Aspen trees with their leaves glowing a bright fiery orange against the snow. It only took a few minutes of winding our way down for the snowflakes to become nothing but a memory, as the precipitation turned to rain in the warmer valley below.

The next day I flew to Peoria where I met up with my girlfriends and headed to Indianapolis for an epic girls weekend.  Downtown Indy is a perfect spot for a bachelorette party.  Our group rented a house on AirBNB that was within walking distance to all downtown Indy had to offer.  We enjoyed lunch at the famous Shapiro’s Deli, mechanical bull riding at Cadillac Ranch, dancing, karaoke, blues bands at the Slippery Noodle Inn, delicious happy hour appetizers at Claddagh Irish Pub, and more.  We also took a handlebar bike tour of downtown Indy (basically a moving bar powered by the peddling of it’s patrons) and enjoyed a drag show.  It was a memorable weekend with some truly awesome ladies! Can’t wait for the wedding Kaci!

After a whirlwind weekend with the girls I was happy to reunite with Ryan (who totally enjoyed his alone time mountain biking in Wasatch), and head on down the road again.




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