Las Vegas- Bright Lights, Good Friends, and Zombies

Our Memphis Wolf Pack in Las Vegas


Las Vegas, a shock to they system after the peace and serenity of Zion National Park.  Hard to believe the two are only a couple hours drive apart.  We’ve been there several times before and hadn’t originally planned to visit while on the road, but when we found out our good friends were heading there, and we were already going to be close, we added it to the agenda.  There is a campground on the strip but we decided to use our 3 nights there to take a break from the camper, aka The Cramper.  We spent 3 fabulous nights at Treasure Island, enjoying a big hotel room, cable, and endless hot showers.

So what did we do with the rig during our stay?  After doing some research we decided the best place to park the rig was, believe it or not, at the airport. They have a lot specifically for oversized vehicles and on the cost was only $15 per day.  It also saved us the headache of attempting to pull the camper through the strip.  We parked the rig, grabbed our suitcases, and took an Uber to Treasure Island.  Pretty easy peasy.

We had a great time catching up with our friends! We strolled around the casinos playing the slots here and there.  Neither of us won but I played one machine for 3 hours on $20 while drinking for free, and cashed out with my $20 back at the end of the night, so I call that a win.  Stacey and I cruised the Fashion Show Mall while the boys checked out the sports page at the Mirage.  I also had to grab my favorite drink in Vegas to sip on while we walked up and down the strip.  In front of Caesar’s Palace by the Spanish Steps is a delightful Bacardi stand that makes several different types of mojitos, including a mixed berry one full of fresh strawberries and blueberries.  It’s amazing and refreshing, perfect for the dry Vegas heat!

Our last evening we attended a performance of the show Zombie Burlesque at the Planet Hollywood shops.  It was Burlesque style show with a twist that instead of humans the cast were Zombies. The storyline worked out well and it proved to be an excellent choice, the cast were amazing, very talented singers, dancers, and actors.  The host was hilarious and did a great job getting the audience involved.  The icing on the cake was watching our friends going up on stage for a zombie version of the newlywed game.  It was hilarious and a story our group will laugh about for years to come.

After a wonderful time with our friends and being back among civilization we were ready to get on the road again and back to nature.  We hugged our friends goodbye with plans to see them again for Thanksgiving, and Ubered back to the airport parking lot to pick up The Cramper, which we were relieved to find intact and untouched.  We headed down the road singing the Wind and the Wave’s “Grand Canyon” excited for our next adventure.

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