Beautiful Sedona

Oh Sedona! Wonderful, beautiful, mysterious Sedona!  I am so excited to finally write this post.  We visited Sedona the first week of November and it ranks up there in my top 5 favorite places we’ve traveled.  It’s not easy getting into my top 5 just because of how many spectacular places we’ve been on our travels but Sedona has it all.  Beautiful scenery, a great town, hiking, mountain biking, wonderful people, fantastic weather, and delicious food make for an all round great place to visit.

We spent four nights boondocking just outside of Sedona on Angel Valley Road.  We found our site on (as usual).  Angel Valley was a little different from many of our other boondocking spots, mostly because it was just a road that people camped on the side of, often very closely together.  Generally boondockers like to spread out and get privacy, but for a free camping spot just outside Sedona, it was worth it to be friendly with the neighbors.  The view from our campsite was amazing and I was delighted to be awoken by the sound of Hot Air Balloons outside in the morning.  One of the magical pieces of camping is you never really know what is going to be outside your door when you wake up!

Sedona is home to lots of funky shops and art galleries.  We spent a lovely afternoon strolling through used book shops, gift shops, and tea shops.  With the local art scene being huge there is tons of homemade candles, glass art, soaps, and sculptures to take in.  Sedona is also known for it’s magnetic vortexes making it a mecca for people seeking healing energies and a popular place for yoga and other practices that are good for the body and soul. While we were mountain biking we kept passing through areas with a lot of people hanging out on the rocks doing yoga, we later discovered it was a major vortex area. While we didn’t feel anything particular ourselves, I have to say the overall feel of the area is good energy.

For the outdoor enthusiast there is oodles of things to do!  We spent a memorable day mountain biking the Bell Rock Pathway trail system in the Coconino National Forest.  Some trail systems have a small users fee and this was one of those but we were happy to find out our America the Beautiful National Park Pass worked here as well.  We geared up and hit the trails.  I can’t say enough about the beautiful scenery here.  The towering red rocks against the bright blue sky, and the many colored cacti made for a gorgeous scenic ride.  Of course just when I started to feel comfortable mountain biking, let’s add huge cacti to the trails.  And I mean HUGE!  Big, pointy, bush like monsters of cacti that I would hate to wreck into.  The trails we rode were marked beginner but I think Sedona has a different idea of what beginning mountain biking looks like.  Tons of rock scrambles, and other technical riding obstacles abounded on the trails.  I spent more time off my bike then on it.  It was still an awesome ride and I would do it again.

Red Rocks State Park was a really short drive from our campsite and we spent a day hiking the many trails there.  A different experience from Bell Rock, there were meadows, trees, and a creek nestled among the red rocks.  At one point we came across a huge oak tree and I almost teared up at the site of the massive tree and big leafy branches.  We had been in the desert so long I had forgotten how much I missed trees! Red Rocks offers amazing views of Cathedral Rock,  Three Sisters, and many other rock formations.  After hiking we were starving and decided to try out some local cuisine.  We grabbed supreme tamales at Tamazila Café and wow were they good!  Probably one of the best things I have ate on the entire trip.  Tamazila has a very small menu, tamales and chili rellenos only, but it’s a classic example of when you make one thing really well, you don’t have to make anything else.  Our tamales were fresh made and piled high with black beans, spinach, guacamole, sour cream and a homemade green salsa.  So good it’s making me hungry writing about it.

If your thinking about your next vacation spot, especially a winter getaway, throw Sedona into the conversation. You won’t be disappointed!